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5 Tips on Working Productively from Home

In light of the recent spread of the Novel Coronavirus pandemic, many employees have transitioned to working from home as required by their employers. If you're new to working remotely or haven't been efficient while working from home, the following…

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Dear Stakeholders, The COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect business operations around the world, and the Federal and State Governments in Nigeria have taken sweeping actions to curtail the spread of the virus. Such actions include prohibiting large gatherings and restricting…

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Cougar XT ROV - RusselSmith Nigeria

RusselSmith Boosts ROV Fleet With Cougar Addition

In a bid to strengthen its offshore deepwater operations, RusselSmith, a Nigeria-based oilfield services provider, has chosen Saab Seaeye’s Cougar XT electric underwater robotic vehicle as an addition to its ROV fleet. “The Cougar is an ideal choice,” says RusselSmith…

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The Future of Robotic Technologies in the Nigerian Energy Sector

From time began, man has always sought means by which to make life and work easier. First he started with using simple tools. Then he began to use Animals. Then he began to make other men use his tools to do his work for him. Fast forward to now, and we have robots doing a significant portion of man’s work for him.

Robots are machines capable of carrying out a complex series of actions automatically, especially one programmable by a computer (Wikipedia). Robotic technology meanwhile, is the application of scientific knowledge in the development and production of robots. Robots have proved themselves to be quite indispensable, as they go to work and function in places where man may not be able to continually go, and they perform repetitive functions that would possibly bore the average Joe and push him to a state of near-madness. And it is these features of theirs that makes the Future of Robotic Technology in the Nigerian Energy Sector a gloriously bright one.

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RusselSmith Inspire Essay Contest Winners

Congratulations to the winners of the RusselSmith Inspire Essay Contest! The winners are; Efe Oghenemarho (first place), Isaac Popoola (second place) Uchenna Okoro (third place). All winners will be contacted to pick up their prizes.

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