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Our partnership with Roboze has enabled us to transform how industrial parts are manufactured in our region. By choosing Roboze technology and joining the Roboze 3D Parts Network, we can now manufacture high-performing replacement parts and customized parts for industrial machinery locally, and in a fraction of the time that it would take to procure and have such parts delivered through traditional supply chain methods.

Roboze is a leading provider of industrial 3D printing systems that are used to provide on-demand additive manufacturing services for various industries, with a strong focus on using next-generation materials to produce high-precision parts that perform well in tough conditions.

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AM Chronicle

RusselSmith’s partnership with AM Chronicle aims to foster innovation, facilitate knowledge exchange, and promote collaboration within the additive manufacturing ecosystem in Africa. This partnership represents a significant step forward in the promotion and development of cutting- edge additive manufacturing solutions in the region.

AM Chronicle is an additive manufacturing (3D Printing) knowledge sharing and business networking platform that runs various industry leading initiatives including trade shows, conferences, publications, market research, training, and consulting to facilitate and support the industry with a neutral approach.

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