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Subsea Pipeline Repair Robots

Autonomous Robotic IRM Solutions For Subsea Pipelines and Risers

The Nautilus and Oktapous are subsea robots that are designed to perform inspection, repair and maintenance tasks on subsea pipelines and risers with minimal human intervention and a very light footprint.
These robots have the distinct advantage of being able to assess, clean and repair subsea pipes in a single operation without requiring divers and most of the conventional vessel-supported equipment.

Pipeline Repair Robot
IMR Robots For Subsea Operations
  • Able to operate on a wide range of ‘live’ pipelines
  • Removal of marine growth and pipe coatings and preparation of pipeline surface for repair
  • Defect verification and sizing, right before repair process is initiated
  • Creation of a controlled atmosphere around the defect to ensure consistent results and high quality of repairs
  • Autonomous repairs in line with standard procedures
  • No harmful discharge to the environment
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