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Our approach to sustainability is to focus on building local capacity, promoting diversity and inclusion, ensuring responsible use of environmental resources, and championing education as a means of empowering people to realize their full potential.

Giving Back In Meaningful Ways

RusselSmith is committed to giving back to society in meaningful ways. As a result of this commitment, we constantly identify with credible projects of a humanitarian nature and contribute towards the attainment of such projects’ goals.

One of RusselSmith’s development projects is the Junior Safety Rangers™ (JSR) programme, which provides safety training to schoolchildren and helps them become safety ambassadors in their schools and communities. This entails being safety conscious at home and at school, and teaching others to observe basic safety practices.

JSR is the extension of our in-house Safety Rangers Program. RusselSmith’s Safety Rangers are employees who ensure that safe work practices are adhered to during day-to-day activities in all company facilities and at customer sites. They act as safety marshals in the company by enforcing safety rules and regulations anywhere and everywhere.

The aim of the Junior Safety Rangers™ program is to help create a safer society by providing young children with the right information and encouragement to adopt safe practices, avoid hazards and encourage their friends, schoolmates and family members to live safely.

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