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RusselSmith Completes Another Buried Pipeline Inspection in Record Time

In line with RusselSmith’s commitment to the provision of innovative, safe and cost-effective solutions in the Nigerian Oil & Gas Industry, the company recently completed the inspection of a 7-kilometre-long buried pipeline within 6 hours, using its advanced NCM technology. This achievement was recorded while delivering inspection services for an indigenous oil company in November 2020.

The Non-Contact Magnetometry (NCM) technology is an effective and field-tested solution for rapid inspection of buried and unpiggable pipes onshore and subsea, without requiring excavation. It works by identifying changes along a pipeline’s magnetic field that are caused by stress, tension, or corrosion. The received data is visualized by inspectors in real-time and shows the locations of anomalies along the pipe, complete with GPS coordinates.

NCM inspection technology was introduced in Nigeria by RusselSmith in response to the challenges faced by operators when inspecting such pipelines.

NCM technology is qualified by the Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR) for the Nigerian Oil and Gas Industry, to ensure the integrity of critical assets such as pipelines.

Within the Oil and Gas Industry, pipeline failures usually result in incidents that can have devastating impacts on life, reputation, production, and the environment. RusselSmith’s Pipeline Integrity Management solutions help operators to maintain their pipelines properly in safe and cost-effective ways and to ensure that they are fit for purpose.

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