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5 Tips on Working Productively from Home

In light of the recent spread of the Novel Coronavirus pandemic, many employees have transitioned to working from home as required by their employers.

If you’re new to working remotely or haven’t been efficient while working from home, the following tips can help you become more productive and deliver better results.

  1. Create a Designated Workspace at Home

Find a comfortable workspace or an area in your home that is designed specifically for getting work done. This puts you in the right state of mind to be productive.

Commit to working in this workspace whenever you want to work. Make it a zone of quiet and solitude where you can concentrate. Regardless of where your workspace is, ensure it is always neat and tidy, and that you are using comfortable, ergonomic furniture.

  • Define Your Work Schedule

Set a schedule and stick to it. Start your day by reviewing the day’s goals and stick to those goals when you make your task list. Define a resumption and closing time, and be sure to create set work hours to follow each day. This will dictate expectations and improve productivity.

  • Take Breaks

Give yourself enough time to step away from your computer screen and phone during the day. Research has shown that short breaks can boost productivity and creativity.

You can stretch and give your eyes some rest during such short breaks.

  • Minimize Distractions

Too many distractions can ruin productivity. Ensure anything that can distract you is turned off prior to the start of work. Turn the Television off and avoid social media, so you can focus on getting more done. If you enjoy using social media, then make it a routine to shut down or mute updates from social media apps during the day.

  • Communicate and Stay Connected

If your organization is not used to operating remotely, then contact with each other is very important.  Build schedules for daily or, at the very least, weekly check-ins with your team. Doing so can help to preserve the sense of community and responsibility, keeping everybody rowing in the right direction.

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