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RusselSmith Inducts New Batch of Junior Safety Rangers™

RusselSmith recently inducted a new batch of students into its Junior Safety Rangers™ program, an awareness program that is designed to educate children on good safety practices and teach them the principles of protecting their environment and immediate community.

The aim of the Junior Safety Rangers™ programme is to help create a safer society by providing young children with the right information and encouragement to adopt safe practices, avoid hazards and encourage their friends, schoolmates and family members to live safely.

The recently-inducted students, from Divine Children’s Place School, Surulere, were taught about the objectives of the programme, the need for safety awareness at all times, how to identify safety hazards, and the need for environmental sustainability, followed by a question and answer session during which students showed a very good understanding of safety issues.

RusselSmith has consistently promoted safety as a way of life in its processes and interactions with stakeholders, at all locations where it operates. The Organization recently marked the achievement of 4 million man-hours of operations, with zero Lost Time Incidents (LTI).

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