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7 Keys to Rendering Excellent Service

Today’s business world is a proverbial marketplace where organizations seek to grow by satisfying the needs of their customers. The key to this ever-complex phenomenon of customer satisfaction lies in the entrenchment and promotion of Excellent Service in organizations. In case you are wondering what, it means to provide excellent service, we can simply posit that excellent service is the constant practice of wholesome customer satisfaction by meeting and exceeding customer requirements the first and always.

It is important to note that excellent service is a product of deliberate efforts put into customer satisfaction by organizations; There are certain distinguishing factors or keys that are common to every organization that seeks to deliver excellent services to their customer. Some of these factors include:


Business is all about adding value and making the customer happy. It should be about doing the extra to ensure that the customer is satisfied. Any organization seeking growth should understand this and build their corporate culture around it. It must be grafted into the consciousness of every team member that the end goal is to satisfy the customer; only then can excellent service be delivered.


We cannot overemphasize the impact of effective communication on the delivery of excellent service. Communication is the driver of demand, expectations and delivery. Without effective communication, progress made on any endeavor can be lost without trace. Little wonder that many organizations hire communication experts to help craft their organizational messages. When quality service delivery is coupled with effective communication, the opportunity for repeat business is greater and growth becomes inevitable.


The internal processes of an organization are key to its delivery of excellent service. Excellence is not a product of haphazard planning and execution; hence organizations must pay special attention to the structures they have put in place internally to ensure that such structures promote and ultimately sustain a culture of excellence. Continuous improvement in this regard becomes a necessity as it helps the organization to continually meet the ever-increasing demands of customers process improvement.


Excellent service is not delivered on a one-time basis, it is a result of continuous production at a very high level leading to customer satisfaction. To produce at this level consistently is to provide excellent service.


It is often said that you cannot teach an old horse new tricks. Many organizations find themselves in the category of the old horse as they have refused to move with the times and have been left behind in the delivery of quality services to customers. Organizations that are serious about satisfying customers must devote efforts to seeking out better and more innovative ways of satisfying their customers. We must seek to improve the experience of our customers as we interact with them in the delivery of our products and solutions by making their lives easier with our offerings.


Delivering quality services requires having a target which the organization will aim to meet and surpass. The organization must have an idea what it is aiming for and how progress is to be measured. The measurement of performance against set benchmarks is required to achieve goals and continuously deliver excellent service.


The most important resource of any organization is its people. Delivering excellent services requires that the organization consist of square pegs in square holes. Organizations must develop the capacity of their employees to deliver excellent services to customers. Organizations should seek to develop competitive advantages through Human Capacity by providing their employees with the right knowledge, and an enabling environment to be at their best always.

At RusselSmith, we are constantly learning and improving, and conscious of the fact that we must be at our best always to provide top notch services to our customers. We are focused on the needs of our customers, genuinely interested in the development of our people and processes, and we value feedback from our stakeholders. Excellence, to us, is a way of life

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  1. All efforts engineered are to give customers maximum satisfaction because without customers there is no business. Well thought 7 keys to rendering excellent service

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