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Welcome to Innova

Leslie-OghomienorIt gives me great pleasure to welcome you to the maiden edition of Innova – RusselSmith’s monthly publication on all things interesting, innovative and informative, with a special focus on the oil and gas industry.

The word Innova is a Latin word which means ‘renew’. It shares the same meaning with the English word ‘Innovation’ which is synonymous with the RusselSmith brand.

Innova Magazine is a product of RusselSmith Group’s brand communication efforts to engage its customers and other stakeholders. It is a customer-focused magazine which provides well-researched materials which are of interest to a wide range of readers.

Throughout our history as a Company, RusselSmith has been a major driver of innovation, creativity and technological advancement in the Nigerian oil and gas industry. We have always been committed to finding ways to improve processes and to offer more value to our customers through innovative technologies.

We hope that you enjoy this and subsequent editions of the Magazine.


Leslie Oghomienor
CEO, RusselSmith

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  1. Congratulations to the RusselSmith Team headed by Mr. Leslie Oghomienor on your publication ” Innova” and your work in the oil and gas sector.

    I look forward to being of service to your organisation.

  2. Hi Leslie,
    I find your teamquite interesting and the leverage of etechnology have changed the way we do business. I look forward to being part of your team.

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