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Iron Rhino: Difficult Times Call for Creative Measures

With the epileptic power supply in most parts of Nigeria and most recently, the rise of petrol price to N145/ liter, Nigerians have found it expedient to plan their day to day activities to achieve more with less.
Have you ever been in a situation where you needed to iron some clothes urgently and then you experienced a power cut after some seconds of ironing? Very frustrating!
The recurring nature of this particular problem is what prompted a Nigerian innovator- Ayokunle Adeniran, an alumnus of Covenant University, to find a solution. Ayokunle’s invention is called the “Iron Rhino”, a pressing iron that does not need electricity or coal to work! Sometimes innovation from Nigeria seems very difficult, as many factors tend to be militating against creativity. However, successful people have learnt to put their excuses behind and forge ahead.

How it Works
Iron Rhino utilizes cooking gas (butane) packaged in a canister to generate its own heat. The gas canister is sheathed inside the iron, and when powered, the ironing temperature can be increased or lowered by turning the temperature regulator clockwise or counter clockwise, as with electric irons. One can also pre-calibrate a preferred ironing temperature with the safety knob.
The butane canister comes in a cylindrical spray-like can that retails for about N120 and can last for 1 week usage at an average of 20 minutes daily ironing. There are 6 canisters per cartridge, and one cartridge is claimed to last for about 2 weeks’ worth of daily ironing, or 40 pieces of clothing.
We are encouraged with this development and proud to recognize this young inventor as we celebrate him in this edition of Innova.

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