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World Day for Safety and Health: Stress at Workplace

The World Day for Safety and Health at Work is an annual international campaign to promote safe, healthy and decent work. It is held on 28 April yearly and excitingly, this year’s celebration is themed:
Stress at Work place.

Stress is a subject of growing concern in the workplace today. With challenges of our day to day businesses, we recognize the multifaceted pressures to meet the demands of modern working life.
Workplace Stress can originate from specific or series of events and it can affect both employees and employers alike.
At RusselSmith Group, we understand and take very seriously the impact of Stress in the workplace and so we do our best to prevent situations in which stress is very high or constant because we consider workplace stress as a safety hazard. Therefore, it is a collective responsibility of both the organization and the employees to take preventive measures to manage stress levels at all times. Failure to do this can lead to serious health diseases and even death.
A report from the United Nations estimates that every year, some two million men and women lose their lives through preventable accidents and diseases linked to their work. In addition, there are 270 million occupational accidents and 160 million occupational diseases each year, incurring US$ 2.8 trillion in costs for lost working time and expenses for treatment, compensation and rehabilitation.
Safety at RusselSmith is about prevention and co-operation. As we work tirelessly to create and maintain a safe work place, we continuously engage in activities where our employees are constantly reminded on the importance of safety in the workplace.
To celebrate this year’s The World Day for Safety and Health at Work, international campaign, Today at RusselSmith, we have tasked ourselves with an activity where we join our voices to write down our individual thoughts on sticky notes, expressing our believe and dedication towards a safe and healthy work environment.

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