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7 Quality Questions to Start Your Day

Each day is a gift, and the way you start your days will have a big impact on the quality of your life. As you wake up each morning, it is important to take some time to think through how you will spend your day.

To start your day with a positive mind-set, answer these seven questions:

  • What am I grateful for in my life?

Remind yourself of the things that matter most, ponder on those great moments and be grateful for them. When you do this, you find yourself unlocking the key to happiness, because then you realize how blessed you are.

  • What accomplishments am I proud of?

If you are not proud of any of your life’s accomplishments, begin to ask yourself what steps you need to take, starting today, towards achieving your life’s goals.

  • How can I make a positive impact today?

In life, you cannot possibly make an impact on everyone you meet, but there’s always someone who you could help, or show love to. You have something to offer, no matter how little it is.

  • What do I plan to achieve today?

When you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Learn to prepare a to-do list as a guide and reminder for the tasks that you need to accomplish.

  • How can I make today different or better than yesterday?

You cannot get different/better results if you do things the same way you did them yesterday.Change your routine a little bit or learn a new skill to help you do your job better.

  • How can I make myself better?

Do you find that you need to improve yourself in a certain way? Think about the positive steps that you can take to make yourself a better person personally or professionally.

  • Am I on the right path in life, i.e. career, relationship, etc.?

At each stage in our lives, it is important to assess our choices and values. Ask yourself, why did I choose this career and what do I love about my job? Am I happy in this relationship? If your answers to these questions are in the negative, then you need to re-think your choices in life and take steps to find meaningful alternatives.


                                               “Make each day your masterpiece”. –John Wooden

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