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Promoting a Culture of Excellence!


I am excited to introduce the eighth edition of Innova – RusselSmith’s monthly publication on all things interesting, innovative and informative.
Globally and locally, there have been various economic, business, and societal changes that have impacted the economy positively and adversely. With an excellent spirit and attitude, we all believe that the best is yet to come. However, this will be determined by our personal disposition in shaping our output.
With that being said, our goal of creating a culture of excellence in all that we do is what gave rise to our mantra for 2017 – Excellence is my Swag! At RusselSmith, we believe and understand that internal customer satisfaction directly affects external customer satisfaction. For this reason, we’ve made the culture of excellence our watchword.
For the remaining quarters in 2017, we look forward to your continued support, participation and attentiveness which continues to inspire us in shaping and enriching lives.

Thank You.

Leslie Oghomienor
CEO, RusselSmith

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