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The Foundation of Top-Notch Customer Service Is Organization

Thinking of the last interaction we had with our customers at RusselSmith, was it a pleasant experience? Given the choice, Will our Customers interact with us again? From constant feedbacks we get from our clients through our customer satisfaction Survey, most times the answer is yes. .

At RusselSmith we are constantly striving to improve our customer service because happy clients mean repeat business and referrals. The old adage that an unhappy client will tell seven people about their experience is true. And in this day and age of digital connectivity and social media, one bad review can have a detrimental impact.

As a Successful business we know that people are our greatest asset. We also know that these people need to be equipped with solid processes, systems and workflows to manage every aspect of the customer experience each and every time. An organized business operates consistently and more seamlessly than one that is constantly recreating the wheel.

In many businesses however, this foundation goes overlooked. Team members get busy, each working in their own silo. Turnover occurs and training is inadequate. Though owners and managers may set out with the best intentions, time constraints and day-to-day client demands often derail even the best attempts to standardize. Businesses that do not take a step back and commit the time necessary to standardize and document operations with careful thought to each client interaction will have an infinitely harder time getting ahead.

We started by mapping each step of a customer’s journey interacting with our business. No piece is too small or trivial to document. From lead through initial and ongoing outreach, to order processing/service delivery and constant follow-up. We document how new team members will be recruited, hired, trained and evaluated. Work piece by piece until it’s all in our Operations Manual.

It will never be possible to standardize every possible interaction and plan for every contingency. RusselSmith Customers are unique and different requests/challenges come up over time. Our Operations Manual should is a living document where the name of the game is implement, test, refine. When we develop a new process or refine a stale one,we document it. We hold ourselves and our team accountable for following the documented process each and every time.

According to Michael Gerber in The E Myth Revisited, “The purpose of a system is to free you to do the things you want to do’’. Our System produces the results; the people manage the system.” Organizing and documenting of our operations gives our team a manual by which to operate, where the rules of the game are known, and continuous improvement is embraced. It also gives our customers a consistent experience each and every time, so they know what to expect when they work with us. This consistently positive experience keeps customers coming back.

In conclusion, Along with establishing a sense of structure and order, an organized work environment reduces stress, promotes team spirit, unrivalled service delivery and allows you to provide excellent customer service.

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  1. Great! An inspiring article, providing wow customer service is key to actualizing organization’s goal.
    I am a certified customer service personnel and would be more than delighted to join in fulfilling the specified objectives in the write up whenever the opportunity opens.
    The service delivery orientation is laudable.

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