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The Environmental Benefits of Business Process Automation

The Environmental Benefits Of Business Process Automation

Business process automation is a strategy that businesses use to reduce costs and improve productivity by using software tools to automate manual business processes. It involves integrating various applications, rearranging resources and using software applications to improve the productivity of the entire organization.

On a daily basis, different types of businesses need to perform complex, labour-intensive tasks. With business process automation, the goal is to reduce the time spent on manual tasks, reduce costs & errors, and ultimately improve efficiency. One by-product of successful business process automation efforts is a reduction in paper usage.

This reduction in paper usage ensures that the impact of business on the environment is reduced, because paper is made from trees.
In today’s electronic age, most individuals and organizations try as much as possible to go paperless but there is still a long way to go with respect to gaining total independence from the man-made product called paper.

Quick Paper Facts

  • Do you know that It takes approximately three tons of wood chips to make one ton of pulp from which paper is gotten?
  • 42% of all global wood harvest is used to make paper.
  • Forests still cover about 30 percent of the world’s land area, but strips of land half the size of England are lost each year.
  • Deforestation adds more atmospheric CO2 than the sum total of cars and trucks on the world’s roads

Deforestation is one of the main environmental problems that the world is facing, and paper usage involves cutting down trees. This greatly affects “go green” initiatives negatively. From newspapers to paper wrappings, a sizeable amount of paper ends up in landfills, thus creating a huge amount of paper waste.

In order to perform business in a green manner, whatever distinguishes green business process management from the conventional one must be known. With various steps already taken towards reducing environmental impact, it is imperative to define and pinpoint parallel business strategies and process adaptations.

More and more organizations need to develop an increasing awareness of sustainability with respect to the environmental impact of their business operations and customer demands, amongst other factors.

Organizations should rethink their existing structures by making them environmentally aware.
Business process automation is therefore a step in the right direction.

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