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Six Ways to Make Yourself More Valuable at Work

Six Ways To Make Yourself More Valuable At Work

Any top organization knows the importance of output from employees in the workplace. Being productive helps firms maximize the capacity of the human resources that they have.
Most productive companies have employees that add value to their operations. How do you add value to your organization? How do you ensure that you are the employee or team member that your organization fights to retain?

Listed below are six behaviors that can make you more valuable at work.

Be Productive & Avoid Procrastination
Ensure to get more work done by being efficient, overcoming procrastination, reducing interruptions. Always focus on the important functions of your job and strive for results that are highly valued. Learn to use your time well and focus on the most difficult tasks early.

Invest in yourself and improve your skills.
Treat your internal customers as you do your external customers.
The concept of excellent customer service isn’t new. It’s about being optimistic, accessible, prompt, and reliable. Work at delivering good customer service every day to your manager and colleagues. These are your internal customers and you cannot satisfy your external customers without satisfying the internal ones.

Always have a positive attitude.
We all have good and bad days, but the people we appreciate for their consistency and optimism don’t let their bad days destroy ours. They pick their attitude, and then decide to make it positive.
Well, you can too by making a list of the good things in your life or keeping a record of accomplishments that you are proud of, then looking at it when you are feeling down and also reminding yourself that problems at work are not all about you.

Be a minister of change, not a hindrance to it.
Employees who say yes to positive change and help make changes happen are highly appreciated and valued by their colleagues and line managers. They also go ahead of their team members in learning new work processes and researching on how their skills fit into the improved organization.
Be a team member who suggests good changes to facilitate efficiency or quality and who helps to ascertain how to make those changes happen. Keep an open mind.

Clarity in communication.
Being a coherent, direct, and thoughtful communicator can help you stand out as a valued employee. Share information that others need to know, and share it efficiently. Use e-mail when discussion isn’t needed. Call or talk in person if an issue truly needs to be discussed.
Be prepared when you go to meetings so that you don’t waste people’s time.
Get right to the point; eliminate unnecessary details. Always thank people for their time and help.

Always ask for honest feedback.
Know how your managers and team members in your organization see your capacity. This will allow you work on your knowledge and skills in the way that would help your employer most. Always ask your manager about things you can do to make yourself more valuable to the organization.

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