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RusselSmith provides an extensive range of Joint Integrity Management Services for the African Oil and Gas Industry. Our Joint Integrity Management Services are designed to idenify and forestall potential hazards.
We are committed to helping our customers lengthen their asset life cycles, improve risk management and operational safety.

Joint Integrity Management Services play a key role in the maintenance and improvement of process performance in plants.
As a result of external factors and use, industrial facilities and their components may experience failure of material, wear and tear, flange face defects, stress and strain during their service life.

Joint Integrity Management involves the use of several bolting and flange maintenance tools or equipment to ensure improvement of the performance of process pipes.

Our Joint Integrity Management Services include the following:

  • On-site bolting services:
    Supervision, technicians and equipment to perform blind to blind torque and tension applications
  • Bolt tensioning services
  • Flange facing service
  • On-site machining services
  • Online leak-sealing services

You can also call us on +234 1 295 0809 to speak to an expert on any of our services.