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MiniROVA Mechanical Integrity Services

  • MiniROVA Underwater Inspection In Lieu of Drydocking (UWILD)
  • MiniROVA General Visual Inspection (GVI)
  • MiniROVA Close Visual Inspection (CVI)
  • MiniROVA Ultrasonic Thickness Measurement (UTM)
  • MiniROVA Flooded Member Detection (FMD):
    RusselSmith’s Flooded Member Detection service (using Tracerco technology) is used to determine the water ingress into platform structural members.
    The system is operated easily by combining it with our MiniROVA service. One major advantage of the system is that there is no need for removal of marine growth or specialist coatings. It provides rapid and accurate measurements of degree of flooding in horizontal members and the water levels in vertical and angled members.

MiniROVA Fabric Maintenance Services

  • Cathodic Protection Survey and Calibration (CP)

MiniROVA Diagnostic Services

  • Pig Tracking Service:
    Our pig tracking or isolation tool positioning and monitoring service is applicable to any line diameter and wall thickness, including pipe-in-pipe. The system enables rapid location of Pigs and effective pig tracking to ensure that time is saved in locating any lost or stuck pigs.
  • Vessel Condition Assessment (Mid-water Arches and Buoyancy Tank Piping):
    RusselSmith provides a non-intrusive way to obtain accurate and fully reliable subsea measurements for vapor/liquid interfaces contained within mid-water arches, buoyancy tanks, mooring points and other subsea equipment.

MiniROVA Services

  • Offshore Structure Cleaning

You can also call us on +234 1 295 0809 to speak to an expert about any of our service lines.