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Effective and Permanent Outer Sheath Repair Solutions for Flexible Risers and Flowlines

The most common damage scenarios on flexible risers are damaged outer sheaths or blocked vent ports which are identified during annulus testing or visual inspections.

In order to avoid costly interruptions to production and to avoid costly replacements of risers, it is important to get a repair solution that can be installed quickly, easily, and without affecting production. Our clamp repair solution from 4Subsea is designed to be deployed easily on damaged flexibles without production downtime, and it can be customized to suit the customer’s exact needs for both topside and subsea applications.



Repair solution for flexible risers and flowlines, from RusselSmith Nigeria
                                                                            Installation of the Repair Clamp                                                                                   Photo: 4Subsea


  • Lightweight steel plate design, with a long lifespan
  • Clamps can be delivered with vent ports for re-establishment of annulus ventilation
  • Designed to withstand extreme conditions
  • Customized to riser outer diameter and size of damage
  • Subsea application can be installed via ROV or by divers
  • Can be installed as temporary or permanent solution
  • Field-proven technology