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Commitment over Compliance: Creating the Right Culture


In the 21st century business world, the survival and continued dominance of any organization is based largely on its culture. A look into the culture of any organization gives a glimpse into the future of that organization. At RusselSmith, we are very conscious of this, hence we promote a culture of excellence across board.

In doing this, we cannot shy away from the choices that we are faced with. A culture that emphasizes commitment across board seems a plausible choice, however, emphasis on compliance to processes and procedures seems a credible alternative.
It becomes important to note here that while these two alternatives are not mutually exclusive, it is somewhat impracticable to place equal emphasis on both.

At RusselSmith, we understand the value of commitment across board and we emphasize and promote ownership mentality amongst staff and management. We understand that achieving our set goals will not come on a platter of gold, hence the emphasis on commitment. We understand that 100% commitment is required to achieve long term success.
The willingness to do whatever it takes to make things work cannot be relegated in the development of a corporate culture that works. This approach is largely people oriented.

Compliance to process and procedures is the foundation upon which any strong organization is built. Compliance brings order into the establishment and ensures longevity and profitability in the long run. The approach is one which is largely process-centered. You will agree with me that the place of process cannot also be overemphasized.

Compliance largely depends the people and to a large extent, their commitment to the organization.
We are persuaded to believe that when an organization is compliant, it is an offshoot of commitment on the part of everyone in the organization. To this end we believe and emphasize commitment which will translate into compliance.

At RusselSmith where things are not complete until they are excellent, we are committed and compliant hence our growth over the years.
We will continue to promote excellence through commitment and compliance in all areas.

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