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Easy detection of water in subsea tubular structural members without the need for removal of coatings or marine growth.

RusselSmith’s flooded member inspection (FMI) service is used to detect the presence of water in tubular structural members which could be a sign of through wall defects in the members.

With time, and especially in harsh environments, small weld failures or cracks can occur in structural members and these defects can remain undetected unless the members are inspected routinely.

With our flooded member inspection service, Operations can easily measure the extent of flooding in such members without the need for removal of marine growth or coating on the members.

The systems can be deployed by a remotely operated vehicle (ROV) and results will be evaluated and complied into a full platform jacket Integrity report by our team of trained technicians.

Accurate and Fast

FMI service is quick, reliable and effective. Up to 100 members can be inspected in a 12 hour shift. It is also highly accurate, and it allows anomalies to be raised and analyzed at the time of measurement.

Our FMI system provides rapid and accurate measurements of water levels in vertical and angled members, and it also measures the degree of flooding in horizontal members.

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