Rapid pipeline screening and detection of deposit build-ups

Explorer is a quick and effective pipeline screening which can be used to quickly scan many kilometers of subsea pipelines, enabling the location of deposits causing flow abnormalities to be easily identified.

Explorer has a typical screening speed of up to 100 meters per hour, so several kilometers of line can be surveyed per shift, providing operators with a fast, simple, convenient solution to detecting and locating content and deposit build up.

Pipeline screening with Explorer is non-intrusively, so there is no need to remove the coating or interrupt production, thus making it a cost effective solution to flow assurance issues.

Benefits of Using Explorer TM

  • Quick and non-intrusive detection of locations of deposit build up without interrupting production
  • Real time data on flow profiles
  • Monitor changes in deposition for an enhanced understanding on remediation efforts.
  • Track the flow regime at specific reference points along the pipeline
  • Quickly identify flow assurance issues that may need further investigation
  • Quickly and non-intrusively locate any lost or stuck pigs

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