Introducing Discovery, the world’s first subsea scanner

RusselSmith’s Discovery scans through both coated and uncoated subsea pipelines in a non-intrusive way, to build up a full tomographic image of pipe wall thickness and pipeline contents.

This allows operators to inspect unpiggable or difficult to inspect pipelines (including pipe-in-pipe, pipe bundles, risers and jumpers) without stopping/deferring production, saving up to 35% on the cost of inspection campaigns, compared with conventional scanning techniques.

Accurate sizing of wall thickness can be made in minutes with a high resolution image of the pipe wall(s) being provided from an external scan of the pipline.

The tomographic image shows flaws within the pipe walls as well as the location, amount and density of any material and/or deposits in the line, within a density difference of 0.05g/cc and allows operators to plan for the future life of the pipeline.

Benefits of Deploying Discovery

  • Measurements can be taking online with no interruption to production with immediate results
  • It removes the risk of internal inspection tools getting stuck and interrupting production
  • Allows unpiggbale pipelines that were previously considered impossible to inspect to be assessed
  • It can be deployed quickly by ROV with no need for pipeline modifications
  • It is cost effective and safe
  • It provides greater accuracy

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