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10 Thoughts to Motivate You

TOPIC: 10 Thoughts to Motivate You

When challenges and difficulties arise, motivation can sometimes be hard to come by. This leads people to procrastinate or avoid goals which seem difficult.

Your thoughts are powerful channels for motivation, and it is important to ensure that you choose your thoughts carefully and use them to reinforce your self-confidence. Negative thoughts can be very effective at preventing you from achieving your goals, but on the flip side, positive thoughts can be just as powerful at helping you achieve those goals.

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Waste Equals Opportunity

In the world that we live in today, the growing demand for finished goods and the resultant increase in industrial activity means that there is a steady increase in the amount of waste that we generate daily. According to the World Bank, 3.5 million tonnes of waste were generated per day in 2010, and it is estimated that the figure will increase to more than 6 million tonnes per day by 2025.

Unfortunately, we do not extract as much value from waste as is possible, and the bulk of waste in many countries ends up deposited in landfills or being disposed wrongly, leading to pollution.

When we consider the various components of solid waste and the potential uses of waste, it becomes a huge source of untapped value.

We will use Sweden as an example of how to extract value from waste.

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Looking Ahead to The Future

Leslie-OghomienorIt is with great pleasure that I welcome you to this edition of Innova, RusselSmith’s online publication on all things interesting, innovative and informative, with a special focus on the oil and gas industry.

In this edition of Innova, we will look at areas of growth for Africa’s burgeoning gas sector, the use of solid waste products as input for beneficial processes, self – improvement tips and other topics on innovation and health.

Innova now has an events section, and we are starting it off with news of the General Meeting of the Lagos Section of NACE International, which RusselSmith hosted on November 19, 2016.

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Floating LNG May be Key to Repositioning Gas in Africa

For over 50 years, Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) has existed as a means of transporting huge amounts of natural gas over long distances. The first commercial LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) plant was delivered in 1964, in Arzew, Algeria, and the first commercial trade of LNG occurred in 1964 between the UK and Algeria.

As estimated in the International Energy Outlook 2016 (IEO2016), consumption of natural gas worldwide is projected to increase from 120 trillion cubic feet (Tcf) as measured in 2012 to 203 Tcf in 2040.

Today, the growing demand for LNG, coupled with environmental and community challenges, high costs of infrastructure and slow time-to-market for land-based LNG projects has encouraged several leading LNG players such as Shell, Petronas and ExxonMobil to develop Floating LNG plants as alternatives to land-based plants.

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