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Robotic Crawlers: The Smart Approach to Pipeline Integrity Management

We are in an era where the use of robotic systems to create simplified solutions to business challenges takes precedence. The robotic crawler is one of such highly efficient systems.

In a research article on the benefits of robotic crawlers by GE, it is stated that one third (540,000 km / 335,000 miles) of all pipelines worldwide are considered unpiggable because of access and valve restrictions, multi-diameter designs, impassable fittings and a myriad of other configuration issues.
Nevertheless, regulations exist that ensure these pipelines must be inspected on a continuing basis and that safe working conditions must be maintained to guarantee a long and profitable life span. Failures in pipelines usually result in incidents that can have devastating impacts on life, reputation, production, management and the environment.

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Make Stress Your Friend

There is a preconceived notion that stress always has an adverse effect on individuals therefore we all tend to view stress as an enemy or a negative occurrence, and we continuously work towards eliminating stress entirely. Extensive research proves this…

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Iron Rhino: Difficult Times Call for Creative Measures

With the epileptic power supply in most parts of Nigeria and most recently, the rise of petrol price to N145/ liter, Nigerians have found it expedient to plan their day to day activities to achieve more with less.
Have you ever been in a situation where you needed to iron some clothes urgently and then you experienced a power cut after some seconds of ironing? Very frustrating!
The recurring nature of this particular problem is what prompted a Nigerian innovator- Ayokunle Adeniran, an alumnus of Covenant University, to find a solution. Ayokunle’s invention is called the “Iron Rhino”, a pressing iron that does not need electricity or coal to work! Sometimes innovation from Nigeria seems very difficult, as many factors tend to be militating against creativity. However, successful people have learnt to put their excuses behind and forge ahead.

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Self Discipline: A Self Regulatory Mechanism for Success

Let us start with this popular statement:
“There are two types of pain you will go through in life, the pain of discipline and the pain of regret. Discipline weighs ounces while regret weighs tonnes.” – Jim Rohn

Below are excerpts from “The Miracle of Self-discipline”, a book by Brian Tracy – a seasoned self-development professional who constantly engages corporate and public audiences on the subjects of personal and professional development – including the executives and staff of many of America’s largest corporations.
Ever wondered why people in the same age group, class, country, etc., churn out different results? How do the people with better results achieve them?
There will always be excuses as long as you are bent on giving them. Some common excuses are; the economy is bad, the weather is cold, I didn’t get a good education, my boss is too critical. These excuses will not get you anywhere. Losers make excuses, winners make progress!

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How Poor Drainage Destroys Your Environment

Drainage systems are constructed to ensure that waste water and sewage is transported neatly to disposal points, thereby keeping the environment well drained and free of waste. Examples of components that make up a good drainage system includes; closed ditches having pipe drains, drainage pipes, channels and conduits.
Sustainable Drainage Systems are approaches put in place to manage the water quantity (flooding), water quality (pollution) and amenity issues in the environment. Sustainable drainage is a concept that includes long term environmental and social factors in decisions about drainage.

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Congratulations on 3!

I am excited to welcome you to the third edition of Innova – RusselSmith’s monthly publication on all things interesting, innovative and informative. Today, we celebrate three important strides; The first is our tremendous subscriber growth of over 200% within…

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