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Dangers of Hydrogen Sulphide Exposure

In an incident report by the Glasscock County Sheriff, Keith Burnett, through the Midland Reporter Telegram, an industrial accident left a 65-year-old man dead and three others in the hospital.
Johnny Mills, 65, died after he was exposed to hydrogen sulfide while working in an oil field. Mills and Steven Waters, 27, were on top of a tank battery around 9:20 a.m. Near Farm-to-Market Road 461 about 15 miles north of Garden City when they went to open a valve and were exposed to hydrogen sulfide gas, Burnett said. Waters had fallen off the tank when officials arrived, and Mills was discovered unconscious on top of the tank. Waters was airlifted to an Odessa hospital where he remained in stable condition late Monday, Burnett said. Mills was pronounced dead at 11:50 am that day.

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Pollution: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle – these three words are important to the survival of human life and the planet as a whole and cannot be over emphasized.
The term pollution refers primarily to the contamination of air, water and land by waste. In recent years, this global pandemic has approached crisis proportions throughout the world.

How Bad Is It Right Now?

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Think Outside Your Comfort Zone

To get started, ask yourself these questions …
 How will your life be like in ten years if you kept doing the same thing you are good at?
 How would you feel if you met someone your age with an improved version of your skill?
 Examine your life goals. Have you limited your goal setting to things that you can do comfortably and safely?
Often times, when balancing work and life, we find ourselves in a rot. We are basically going through the motions of everyday living with no time to discover new skills and improve on old ones. In other words, we lose our hunger for new knowledge, experiences and eventually the ability to think outside the box.

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Potential Oil Production Agreement: More Time Needed?

The global oil price plunged from $115 to less than $27 per barrel between June 2014 and January 2016(, hitting its lowest level since 2003. Amidst an ongoing oversupply in the global oil market, Energy experts believe if global supply isn’t cut back, price will take a nosedive.
With a plan to cut back global supply in February, energy ministers of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Venezuela, and Russia talked about the oil market situation in Doha and agreed that if other countries followed suit in freezing oil production, they will equally do same and they expected the deal to be finalized on the 17th of April, it is worthy of note to state that, Iran did not take part in this meeting. This meeting was attended by some 18 oil nations including OPEC’s leader Saudi Arabia and top non – OPEC producer Russia. The purpose of this meeting was to help balance supply and demand in the market by end of 2016, according to Reuters.

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Leslie-OghomienorIt gives me great pleasure to welcome you to another edition of RusselSmith’s monthly publication, Innova.
Your Support towards making this knowledge sharing medium a success is exciting and encouraging.
When we began operations over a decade ago, we decided on two prime drivers of the RusselSmith brand; the ability to grasp the trends of time and to always prepare aggressively for the future. With the help of a committed team and partners, we have been able to achieve that so far.

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