Dangers of Hydrogen Sulphide Exposure

In an incident report by the Glasscock County Sheriff, Keith Burnett, through the Midland Reporter Telegram, an industrial accident left a 65-year-old man dead and three others in the hospital.
Johnny Mills, 65, died after he was exposed to hydrogen sulfide while working in an oil field. Mills and Steven Waters, 27, were on top of a tank battery around 9:20 a.m. Near Farm-to-Market Road 461 about 15 miles north of Garden City when they went to open a valve and were exposed to hydrogen sulfide gas, Burnett said. Waters had fallen off the tank when officials arrived, and Mills was discovered unconscious on top of the tank. Waters was airlifted to an Odessa hospital where he remained in stable condition late Monday, Burnett said. Mills was pronounced dead at 11:50 am that day.

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Confined Space Rescue

“At about 6:45pm on 26 May 2014, while the timber cargo on board the German registered general cargo vessel Suntis was being discharged, three crew members entered a cargo hold access compartment. Another crewman saw one of his colleagues collapse…

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